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Website Setup


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Your website is a reflection of YOU!

Basic Website Setup

When people are looking for something generally the first thing they do is search google for a site that sells that particular item.

If your site is unappealing or hard to navigate it can be a complete turn off to a potential customer.

You want your site to draw them in, tell them about what you offer and offer it to them!

It should be easy for them to navigate.

Even a basic website setup can help generate many sales.

You should have:

  • A compelling website theme
  • Easy navigation
  • Colors that reflect your brand
  • Information that easily tells a potential customer what you're selling

Advanced Website Setup

You'll receive everything in the Basic setup, but you'll receive access to a lot more customization and leeway. You'll have access to me and receive many more revisions than in the basic level.



Memberships & Courses




Courses and classes are the rage!

People love to learn. People love to know how to do things themselves because they're looking to learn a new trick, tip or expand their knowledge. And, sometimes, people don't want to pay someone to do things for them so they want to learn to do things for themselves.

Either way, learning via a membership program or class is the ideal way to grab new and repeat customers.

Membership programs are growing faster and faster each year.

Teach them something new.

Taking your content and turning it into a course can be the most lucrative thing you've done for yourself in a while.

I've seen people take old blog posts and create a course out of them and have people lining up during the launch.

Let me help you get it setup so you can pair it with a funnel and turn your sales on autopilot!


Landing Pages




Landing Pages Are The Way To Go!

Creating specific pages for your marketing efforts shouldn't be a hassle or a chore. It should feel easy and fun. Landing pages can add extra revenue to your business by sending potential customers and clients to a one page site that is dedicated to the particular item or service you are selling.

Stop fretting and start collecting!

Crafting a clean and converting landing page can take time, but with the right person by your side helping to customize and edit the page it can shave off hours of work.



Content writing




Content that begs to be read!

Sometimes there isn't enough hours in the day to spend researching, writing and crafting content for your business while also running your business. 

It's time to find an effective content writer to help!

Creating content that both draws in your audience and keeps them coming back is an art. Leave the research and writing to someone else so you can focus on the nitty gritty of growing your business while never having your content come up missing.